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about Us

We've worked hard to make Pointview Flags a trusted name in flags. The quality and guarantee behind every flag establish a personal trust between customer and product, while the constant drive to innovate maintains their level of originality. Pointview Flags combines the personal feel of local business, with the size and scope and a global outfitter. Each flag is a banner of excellence, and an emblem you can trust.

Custom Flags:
Our expert team of graphic designers has produced Custom Flags for a variety of companies, organizations and individuals. We offer Polyester Flags and Custom Digitally Printed Flags to fit the needs of our customers. Production time for custom flags is 4-6 weeks from the date of order to the shipment of the finished flags. Custom flags are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Becoming A Dealer/Government PO's:

Please contact us at or 1 (800) 405-3480 to apply to become a dealer.

Physical Address:

46986 Liberty Drive

Wixom, MI 48393


Tel: 1 (800) 405-3480

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